An internal embargo at GM? Did GM not allow Saab to reveal their plug in hybrid first?

As posted earlier, Saab has released a new concept car at the Detroit auto show, according to The Car Connection. The vehicle looks to be a 9-3 convertible, but underneath is a rather high tech vehicle using three electric motors and a CVT transmission in addition to its E100 2.0 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged (whew) engine. The juice for the electric motors comes courtesy of a 42-cell, 300-volt lithium-ion battery bank. The vehicle uses a "modular" design so changes to the donor vehicle (Saab 9-3 convertible) are kept reasonable. One of those three motors powers the rear wheels via a differential and drive shafts, making this vehicle all wheel drive. Pretty high tech stuff, here.

So, what is this follow-up post for? It seems, according to the Saab Weblog, that GM may have put an internal embargo on Saab so as not to upstage their other internal projects. Did they not want the rest of the world to know that Saab had engineered a plug-in hybrid? According to the Saab Weblog, they have uncovered the "smoking gun", proving that GM ordered Saab to glue shut the plug port at the rear and cover it with a plaque that says "HYBRID".

This is to take nothing away from the Chevy Volt concept, which has some amazing hybrid technology of its own, but why not allow Saab to get some good press for themselves? Possible, however unlikely it may seem, is that Saab chose to postpone this new information until Detroit. Who knows? Anyone out there with some other inside information relevant to this story want to give us the goods?

[Source: Saab Weblog - Trollhattan Saab]

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