Former CIA director James Woolsey has signed on with many environmental movements, including the electric car. Just fast-forward to the end of "Who Killed the Electric Car" to see more. A few days ago he wrote an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal and outlined the scenario of a 500 mpg car. Rich Smith, writing for Motley Fool, has deconstructed the assumptions in search of investing opportunities. Woolsey's scenario is based on a flex-fuel plug-in hybrid and the 500 mpg is based on a gallon of gasoline, not all the fuel that will be burned. Woolsey's plan is very optimistic and doesn't take into consideration how much fuel and energy is needed to make ethanol, which accounts for 400 of the 500 mpg goal. But Smith sees investment potential in battery makers and electric companies.

[Source: Rich Smith / Motley Fool]

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