Hydrogen Solar awarded 70,000 for nanoparticle hydrogen research

How many ways can you make hydrogen? We know of a wide variety (waves and wind are just two recent possibilities), but researchers are constantly studying others (we'll need them, if the hydrogen economy is ever going to work). The Hydrogen Solar Ltd. company is working on a new method that uses a thin photoactive film made of iron oxide nanoparticles that convert sunlight-to-hydrogen by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen Solar was just awarded a £70,000 research grant from the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA) for this work. The process currently has a sunlight-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency of 2.1 percent but has a theoretical maximum of 20 percent. The grant money will pay for an18-month program that will work to get as close to 20 percent as possible.
[Source: Hydrogen Solar]

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