Swell Fuel - Hydrogen farming on the oceans

One of the complaints about using hydrogen as a fuel, or more accurately as an energy storage medium, is that the energy required to produce hydrogen, exceeds the energy output. If hydrogen is being produced via electrolysis powered by fossil fuel electricity, this is a very serious issue. However, if you can find a pollution-free means of powering the electrolysis process, you can largely overcome this. An inventor in Houston, Texas has developed a mechanism that uses wave power to generate electricity. It consists of floats connected to a flywheel generator, that would be anchored underwater. As the waves go by, the float oscillates, driving the generator. The resulting electricity, could be used for electrolysis. The Swell Fuel website includes videos demonstrating a prototype unit. If this could be made to work in large off-shore installations, it could provide a huge amount of truly pollution-free, renewable energy.
[Source: Swellfuel.com via Hugg]

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