AP: Michigan has great potential for biofuel growth

Now that we know Michigan can't be counted on to deliver the goods in football, the state will have to look elsewhere for happiness. How about biofuels? The Associated Press has an article that puts together what we've known for some time: Michigan is a state with a booming biofuel industry.

As the old standby manufacturing jobs leave for cheaper pastures, Michigan has a lot of businesses working on turning various biomasses into ethanol and biodiesel. The AP story mentions Michigan's seven ethanol and two biodiesel current or upcoming plants, but doesn't talk about pethanol or the brownfields experiments going on in the state (see below).

Writer James Prichard says that the reason Michigan has an edge over other Midwestern states that are big into biofuels (Minnesota, for example) is the long-standing automotive industry in the Mitten State. No kidding. Let's hope 2007 sees some quick movement on the biofuel front.

[Source: James Prichard / AP in the Mercury News]

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