Bronco Biodiesel kicking oil to the curb in Kalamazoo

I can't believe I missed this one. I went to Western Michigan University, after all. But the news regarding Bronco Biodiesel in October completely skipped by me. Anyway, Bronco Biodiesel is biodiesel made from grease collected in restaurants and this specific collection method means that Kalamazoo could be, "the first community in the continental United States to use trap grease as a fuel source," according to WMU. It's a model other cities can and should emulate, one biodiesel Bronco says, because it's a good way to recoup lost BTUs.
"This is an effort that's complementary, not competitive with other biodiesel production. We're using trap grease, a source for fuel currently not being used. Right now, those are BTUs down the drain-literally," said Dr. Steve Bertman, WMU professor of chemistry and co-director of Bronco Biodiesel.

The biodiesel production will be overseen by a group of WMU professors (that smiling bunch in the picture there) who said they could make up to 100,000 gallons a year. This fuel with go to about 25 percent of Kalamazoo's bus fleet (five buses out of twenty) starting in early 2007.

Go Broncos.

[Source: Bronco Biodiesel]

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