One thousand E85 stations now open across America; Minnesota wins!

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition announced yesterday that there are now 1,000 gas stations selling E85 in America. Unsurprisingly, if you follow the ethanol scene, the station is in Minnesota, which has almost 300 E85 stations, far more than any other state. The announcement explained where the station is (at 320 3rd Street NW in Bemidji) but tried to make the point that E85 is growing in popularity around the state. Tim Gerlach of the Minnesota E85 Team said, "Frankly, we have had so many stations opening lately that determining which is the 1000th E85 outlet in the United States is a challenge. It is terrific to recognize Bemidji, but it might have just as easily been a Holiday in St. Louis Park or a Kwik Trip in Rochester or a Spur in Duluth."
Then there's this: another Minnesota station, a Holiday station in Mankato, will be selling E85 for 99 cents a gallon next week. Line up between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. for the special price. With deals like this, no wonder Minnesotans buy more E85 than people in any other state.

[Source: American Lung Association of Minnesota]

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