Lincoln MKR concept on ABG a second time on one day? Crazy

Ford is calling the luxury touches build into their new Lincoln MKR concept vehicle "guilt free" thanks to a few environmentally friendly processes used to make the deluxe interior. But can some soy seats really make driving a luxury vehicle green? I guess we won't know unless these features reach production in an upscale car and we can figure out what sort of MPG rating they're riding around in.

Anyway, the "guilt-free" features include:
  • Chrome-free leather that was tanned using a new process that is chromium-free and "minimally impacts the environment."
  • A reengineered oak instrument panel, mohair carpet and soy-based seat foam. The wood "is a reengineered oak that has been recycled and reassembled grain by grain, and stained black to give the wood a warm, rich appearance without using additional trees."
[Source: Ford]

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