25% more efficient 'Portable' hydrogen fuel cell!

Battelle has developed and is marketing their Multipurpose Electric Power System (MEPS) fuel cell which is 25 percent more efficient than traditional internal combustion engine generator technology and can put out more than five kilowatts of power. The MEPS runs quietly, producing 20 litres (5.3 gallons) of usable water per day and runs on conventional fuels. Its design makes it ideal as an auxiliary power source on combat vehicles or as a stand-alone generator.
Fuel cells are electrochemical energy conversion devices which produce electricity by reacting an external supply of hydrocarbon fuel and an oxident. While not a new technology, taking fuel cells out of the lab and into commercial production in a cost-effective fashion has proven to be difficult. The MEPS project was funded in part through $900,000 from the State of Ohio Department of Development.

[Source: Ecofriend]

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