Cranfield students introduce DScar, an affordable, low consumption dream car

When most people think of a dream car, images of Ferrari's and Porsche's go racing through their heads. Or, if you are reading this site, perhaps the new Tesla roadster came to mind. But students at Cranfield University had some other ideas when it came to designing a dream car. The students involved won the innovation prize at the The Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile's, a French society similar to the SAE here in the states.

What makes this vehicle worthy of mention here at this site? The fact that it only weighs 500kg (1100 pounds or so), and performs very well with just a 58hp 3 cylinder engine supplied by Toyota. Other unique facts about the vehicle are that it's four wheels are in a diamond pattern, and it is made largely with already mass produced parts.

The vehicles entered in the contest were to be tasked with designing 'the most affordable dream car', and also wrote technical articles to go along with it. The vehicles had to seat at least three and were judged on fuel efficiency and emissions.

[Source: Gizmag]

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