Details on the upcoming Tesla all-electric sedan and updated Roadster

When Tesla Motors unveiled their all-electric Roadster in July, they announced that a more affordable family EV sedan would be coming in the near future. The English website Autocar recently heard more details on the sedan from Tesla VP Mike Harrigan.

While still pricy at £30,000-£40,000, (about US$58,000-$77,000) the Tesla sedan (not yet named) will offer the same gas station-free experience as the roadster, and the £40,000 version even has a longer range than the sports car (the £30,000 sedan is capable of 200 miles between charges, the $100,000 Roadster gets 250 and the £40,000 sedan gets 300 miles). The sedan will look similar to the BMW 5-series, be made of lightweight steel (not bonded aluminum like the Roadster) and be sold around the world. The rear-wheel drive sedan will have the electric motor in the front, and between 10,000 and 20,000 units will be produced each year.

A revamped Roadster (also costing around $100,000) will be ready in about 2010.

I love the idea of a long-range electric family car, but the price is high for most families, though, don't you think? We'll wait for more details on battery life and final cost and see where gas prices are when the sedan is released before we can determine if this car is economically reasonable. A Tesla sedan's cool factor and environmental benefits are not in question.

[Source: Autocar via Pistonheads]

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