National VegOil Board profiles owner of Albuquerque Alternative Energy

As I've said before and as was certainly evident at the Alt Car Expo this past weekend, people who fill up their cars using homemade biodiesel or VegOil (also known as SVO or WVO) are the most passionate of alternative fuel advocates. The new National VegOil Board is also passionate about sharing not only news about VegOil, but about the people in the business, too.
Take Kevin Forrest, owner of Albuquerque Alternative Energy. Forrest is the first person featured on the NVB's website for his work bringing VegOil to New Mexico. It's a short profile, but I think it shows how easy it can be for waste companies and biofuelers to work together (a local rendering company invited him to set up pre-filtration tanks on their property).

Right now, the Forrests sell the VegOil without all of the quality standards for established, legal fuels, but they have worked with the state, as part of the New Mexico State Task Force for Alternative Fuels to get more standards and legal processes in place.

[Source: National VegOil Board]

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