Heading to the Santa Monica Alt Cars expo

While I certainly will be working out in Santa Monica this weekend at the Alt Car Expo, I must admit that I'm also going to enjoy a getting out of the Midwest cold for a few days. I known Santa Monica is no Honolulu, but it'll do.

For now, this post is a bit sparse, but as we report from the Expo this weekend, I will link to all my stories from here (and this introductory text might change). Feel free to bookmark this post (use the "permalink" below for the exact URL) and check back throughout the weekend for updates. We'll have pictures, audio interviews and lots of cool news. Also, if there is a vehicle or a company you'd like more information about (you can see the list of companies attending here), then say so in the comments and I'll do my best to track down that info for you.

Here's are the Alt Car Expo stories so far (updated Thursday, 12/14):

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