Alt Car Expo: Katie Rogers is Carless in L.A.

The Alt Car Expo featured not only alternative fueled cars, but also alternatives to cars. Bikes, skateboards and public transportation were all present at the event. One of these alternative booths was staffed by people from in-production documentary Carless in L.A.
Initially driven out of her car by the guilt of driving her minivan to and from work, Katie Rogers ditched her car about two months ago (Sunday was her 61st day without a car) and her goal is to go 80 days without a car. A film crew has been following her around as she navigates Los Angeles without her minivan and following a strict set of rules (which you can read after the jump). Rogers told me the biggest thing she noticed was that there is a world of social interaction that she has been missing out on by driving individually in her car.

The big question is, of course, what happens after 80 days? Rogers said she's learning a lot about alternative fueled vehicles, but hasn't studied enough to make her decision yet. We'll all be able to find out when the film is released sometime in 2008. Until then, you can keep up with Katie's adventures at her blog and listen to her talking with AutoblogGreen here (~7 min, 1.5MB. The other voice you hear in the recording is Drew Falkman, who works a producer on the film crew).

Rogers said she knows she's following in Morgan Spurlock's footsteps with her film. I say , at least they're footsteps, not tire tracks.

Read Katie's rules after the jump.

Katie's Rules (from her MySpace page)

The narrative story of Katie will follow a strict set of rules; the primary objective is to eliminate any carbon from entering the atmosphere on her behalf. The rules are as follows:

Rule No. 1: She must never drive a car alone. Carpooling is allowed, if and only if, the carpooler is already going in her direction or to the destination of choice. However, no pickups are allowed as this would add carbon impact.

Rule No. 2: She can bike, walk, or take any transportation already en route to her destination (e.g. buses, light-rail trains). No taxis or similar forms of transportation.

Rule No. 3: Anytime someone meets up or carpools with Katie, she must ask, "Would you consider taking public transportation?" If they say "Yes," Katie must help them on their journey. If the person declines the offer, then Katie must say, "Then it is my responsibility to let you know that the average person puts out 12,000 pounds of carbon into the air annually by driving".

Rule No. 4: Katie must keep track of her mileage, thereby monitoring how much carbon emissions she saved from the air. This will be displayed intermittently throughout the film. She will also calculate how much gas and money she saved. She will receive credit every time someone takes her up on her public transportation offer as well.

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