Follow-up: more information about the upcoming Myers Motors Qui Moto EV

All AutoblogGreen readers are hereby deputized to bring us the headlines. Feel free to go in search of green car news, and if you need inspiration, please look to your fellow readers Michael and Todd, both of whom recently gave us a lot more detail about the upcoming all-electric Qui Moto from Meyers Motors.

Todd noted in the comments to my original post that the Qui Moto is not a new design. In fact, he had an old magazine somewhere in his house from the late '80s (or thereabouts) with an article about the car. He rummaged and found the article, and has graciously scanned the pages and put them online for us. Turns out
the Qui Moto was featured in Kit Car magazine in November 1991. It was called the Qui Moto even back then, and the article is a general one describing how car design comes about and starts by saying, "Automotive styling is an art form that springs from the heart. It portrays a vehicle's soul and gives the viewer an immediate and tangible idea of what the vehicle is designed to do."

About the Qui Moto specifically, the article says: "[Stephen] Stringer built a full-size, two-seat performance road car called the Qui Moto to demonstrate just how clay modeling is accomplished. Not intended for production, the car was built as a theme for a sports tourer of the future that would lean into a turn like a motorcycle. It would use active suspension, a motorcycle engine, and a Kevlar and carbon fiber composite body over a honeycomb and aluminum monocoque chassis tub."

As for the Qui Moto today, we're still not sure what's up exactly. Michael emailed Brad Hirsch at Myers and found out that the company's goal is to, "bring some form of a two-seater to market with three battery pack options and pricing from the mid 30Ks to the high 40Ks." The three battery packs would have ranges of about 30 miles (standard lead acid), 45-60 miles (NiMh) and 100+ miles (lithium). Guess which one costs the most.

Big thanks to Todd and Michael. To see pictures of the Qui Moto today, continue through the jump or go back to the original post.

[Source: AutoblogGreen readers]

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