Volvo truck factory in Sweden going a little easier on the environment

There are so many toxins and emissions produced when building a car or truck that making manufacturing plants cleaner can go a long way in greening up an automaker's image. You can see by the list of related stories linked to below that this is a fact not lost on the auto companies. Good on 'em.

Volvo is the latest automaker that is trying to produce cars in a more environmentally sound fashion. While not as dramatic at, say the Subaru plant in Indiana, Volvo Trucks' cap plant in Umeå, in Northern Sweden, will soon switch to painting the cab and the components together in a new topcoat paint facility. Volvo says this new facility will cost about SEK 138m (£10.2m, or about $19.7 million US) investment that will see more robots installed, as well as a new inspection and adjustments box.

[Source: Volvo]

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