Carrera too common? Rename your Porsche

When you bought your 911, it was the only one on the block. It was a special car that got special attention. But maybe there are now four more at your country club. Or perhaps Porsche's allure was tarnished by your wife's front-seat, after-school activities. Make your Porsche unique again by giving it a name only you can imagine. Name Your Porsche will take a single sheet of aluminum and stamp out the letters you request in that distinctive Porsche font, then UPS it to you ready to stick.

Just imagine the possibilities. Increase your SUV's sportiness by making it a Cayenne Targa. Or if you're really devious, turn your Boxster into a Cayman. Even better, name your 911 after your favorite high school teacher to remind yourself of all those great times in the front seat.

Names are available in grey, black, chrome or that always-classy gold plate. Up to five letters cost $450 plus shipping. Extra letters are $60 each. Chrome and gold are extra.

[Source: Name Your Porsche]

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