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Underage copulation in 911 raises some questions

The folks over at Winding Road admit, as do we, that a story of a British teacher having sex with her underage pupil would not normally be an interesting topic for we single-minded gearheads. But this particular story involves the teacher's husband's yellow Porsche 911. "Eh," you might say. "No wonder the kid was attracted to Miss. Denning. What's the big deal?"

The big deal is not that this now-17-year-old student claims he and his now-26-year-old teacher had sex. The big, mysterious, unbelievable deal is that he claims they had sex in the Porsche 911. You ever been in a 911? A 928 we could see. And who hasn't had sex in a Cayenne? But a 911? Wow. Reminds us of a line from a 1995 Kevin Smith movie.

Winding Road has a link to the whole, racy, story where there is also mention of the teacher's personal Ford Ka. If they start to claim the Ka as a great place for lovers, we want proof. Multi-page diagrams, the couple's physical dimensions, the specific latitude and longitude of each person's naughty bits, etc.

(Note that the pic above is neither of the teenager or car in question, but it appears this guy also has a dirty little secret about something.)

[Source: Daily Snack via Winding Road]

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