Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary Edition gets visual, power upgrades

Business at Shelby Automobiles is going like gangbusters thanks to its cooperation with Ford on the Shelby GT-H rent-a-car and Shelby GT Mustang. Business is so good that the company that Carroll built has opened a new Shelby Modification Center at its Las Vegas HQ where it plans to offer unique and limited edition upgrade packages for Mustang owners. The first will be the Shelby GT-H Convertible we showed you earlier and it's being immediately followed by the 40th Anniversary Package for Shelby GT500 Mustangs.

GT500 owners can drop their car off in Vegas at Shelby's mod center where it will receive a host of visual and performance mods to make it even more powerful and exclusive than when it left the factory floor. Exterior mods include a carbon fiber lower front fascia splitter and mirror covers, a lighter aluminum hood with grille inserts, "Shelby" lettering on the rear deck, those cool sequential taillamps, front and rear brake ducts, special Anniversary striping for the convertible models, and those sharp 20-inch American Racing Shelby Razor wheels in black.

The 40th Anniversary package also improves the GT500's performance with the addition of a Shelby Signature Borla exhaust that allows the Mustang's motor to exhale with less impedance. While Shelby didn't go so far as addressing the GT500's biggest fault, it's weight, it has added a more capable Eibach coilover suspension that's adjustable for street or strip, as well as larger anti-roll bars.

SEMA saw Shebly unveil the GT-H Convertible Concept as well as announce this GT500 40th Anniversary Package. With the company's new Shelby Modification Center online and operational, we're told to expect more limited edition packages like these from the snake charmer and his team of developers.

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New limited Edition, Under the Guidance of Automotive Icon Carroll Shelby, Kicks off New Shelby Modification Center

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (October 31, 2006) – Shelby Automobiles, Inc.(SAI) a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI.PK), will celebrate the 40th anniversary (1967-2007) of the Shelby GT500 Mustang with a limited edition upgrade component package. The new package will kick-off a new Shelby Modification Center at SAI's Las Vegas headquarters. Through the leadership of legendary racecar driver and Cobra creator Carroll Shelby, the limited Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary packages will include distinct visual elements and performance upgrades. The Shelby GT500 40th Anniversary package will make its debut at the Ford Motor Company Booth at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

"The Shelby GT500 has always had a mean street presence with power to back it up," said Carroll Shelby, Chairman of Shelby Automobiles, Inc. "We've added more performance and more in your face looks to the most powerful factory Mustang ever built."

The 40th Anniversary Limited Edition packages will be installed at SAI's new modification center. Customers will deliver their GT500's to SAI' World Headquarters where each vehicle will be customized with the anniversary package.

"Our Mustang business has expanded rapidly through the development and production of the Shelby GT-H and the upcoming Shelby GT," said Amy Boylan, President of Shelby Automobiles, Inc. "The mod center will allow us to do special exclusive cars for a limited group of customers and allow for continued research and development for mainstream production programs."

If looks could kill:
The 40th Anniversary Limited Edition package includes a host of components to let others know that something special is prowling the streets. On the menacing outside components include carbon fiber lower front fascia splitter and mirror covers; aluminum hood grille inserts; deck lid SHELBY letter kit; sequential tail lamps; front and rear brake duct kits; Anniversary stripe package (convertible models); special optional 20" American Racing Shelby Razor wheels and various 40th Anniversary badging including side, grille and trunk badges.

Inside there is a consecutively numbered dash plaque, special 40th Anniversary Shelby door sill plates with consecutive number; floor mats; Shelby snake door handles; center dash mounted gauge cluster with three Carroll Shelby/Autometer carbon fiber gauges (boost, oil and fuel pressure); 40th Anniversary arm rest cover and for convertibles a light bar with solenoid activated light system.

The engine bay receives a consecutive number plate authenticating the package and installation from SAI and special billet aluminum caps and covers for power steering, radiator, brake master cylinder, windshield washer fluid bottle and oil dip stick.

Backing it up:
With 500 horsepower out of the gate, the Shelby GT500 can run like no other pony that ever grazed a field. The 40th Anniversary Package ups the ante with additional power by utilizing the Shelby Signature Borla exhaust system. The cat-back system is designed to maximize power and give a nice robust "big-block" sound.

Getting the power to the ground is one thing. Being able to utilize what you want when going into the corners is another. One key element to the 40th Anniversary package is the new Shelby/Eibach suspension upgrade for GT500. This new coil over systems allows for adjustability for both straight line and road course tracks. The new spring/shock combination lowers the front a maximum of 0.8-inch and the rear 1.6-inches for a very aggressive appearance and lower center of gravity. In addition bigger anti-way bars are included for reduced body roll. The result is flat precise cornering without a harsh ride.

"We have designed the 40th Anniversary to honor the special legacy of the GT500 and provide a limited few a very special car," said Boylan. "This limited edition package is only the first for the mod shop and the first upgrades from SAI for the GT500. There is much more to come."

Available in the first quarter of 2007, the 40th Anniversary Limited Edition will be sold exclusively through Shelby Automobiles Las Vegas headquarters and a national dealer network. Interested buyers can contact Shelby Automobiles at (702) 942-7325 or visit the company's web site at for more info.

About Shelby Automobiles, Inc.

Shelby Automobiles Inc. is manufacturing high performance Shelby vehicles under the guidance of the legendary Carroll Shelby and will be involved in prototype manufacturing, design and engineering projects; and plans to increase production and availability of these Shelby products through an expanded dealer network and direct sales under a license agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. For more information, call (702) 942-7325 or visit the company's web site at

Shelby Automobiles is a division of Carroll Shelby International, Inc. (CSBI.PK) founded in 2003. Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., founded in 1988, is the exclusive holder of automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby's trademarks and vehicle design rights, which include some of the world's most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles, including the car that brought home to the U.S. its first and only FIA World Manufacturers Championship in 1965, the famous Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. It also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. For additional information about the company or licensing opportunities, call (310) 914-1843, or fax (310) 538-8189 or write to Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., 19021 S Figueroa St., Gardena, CA, 90248, or visit, or

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