Dodge advertises journo's speeding ticket

Remember the Canadian automotive journalist who was caught driving a Dodge Charger at 222 km/h (approximately 138 mph) on a public road in Quebec? Apparently Dodge does and they think alluding to the story might be a nifty way to market the car he was driving at the time, the Charger SRT8. The story received a ton of press attention in Canada, so making a reference to the incident shouldn't be lost on consumers. The new ad campaign shows a black Hemi-powered Dodge Charger SRT8 and the following text: "A roulé trop vite, vite, vite. À vendre vite, vite, vite. SRT8-88-8888"
Roughly translated it means, "Drove fast, fast, fast. Sell fast, fast, fast," followed by a telephone number that will get you more info. Dodge has also wisely added a disclaimer telling readers they should only drive that fast on a track. Of course, the Canadian auto journalist in question, Philippe Laguë, had been testing the Dodge Charger SRT-8 on highway 132 in Longueuil, near Montreal. His fine was $958 CDN ($845 US), and enough points on his license to have it suspended. Laguë brought up an interesting point, explaining that car manufacturers will warn journalists to watch out for police, but they usually will also discourage them from testing on closed tracks.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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