Money for nuthin'?: Musclecar VIN Decoder

Musclecar collecting is as speculative as the oil market. Prices on the same model can vary as much as 1000% depending on how they are optioned. HEMI, Boss, Shelby, RS/SS, Z/28, COPO, Cobra Jet, L89. To the musclecar enthusiast, these legendary nomenclatures are musclecar gold.

With the vast array of information available today, the unscrupulous among us have become quite adept at building "clone" cars. These cars began life as an entry-level model and are transformed, quite accurately, into the fire-breathing monsters that bring the big bucks. That's where the website steps in.

From any Internet connection, even mobile phones and PDA's, they can decode the VIN for many of the hottest musclecars. 1965-73 Mustang, '67-'71 Camaro and Firebird, '53-'74 Corvette, any 1966-70 Chrysler (Dodge, Plymouth or Chrysler), '60-'69 Fords, and '60-'65 Chevrolets, quite a comprehensive list.

Take a minute to check this out. You guys at the auctions now have one more tool to be sure that the Hemi Dart you are bidding on wasn't born with a Slant-Six! Wherever there is money, counterfeiters will surely follow and as we all know, money doesn't always come with brains attached.

Thanks to Richard Brown for the tip!


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