Ford exec: Drive greener or else!

In an interview with Whatcar?, Ford's global product development boss Richard Parry-Jones said car buyers need to embrace greener cars if global warming is to be overcome. In fact, Parry-Jones goes on to say it's the role of the consumer, not car manufacturers, to save the planet from polluting automobiles. Government incentives for eco-conscious car shoppers, not punishment of manufacturers, is the way to go, he said.

This environmentalist push is brought to you by a company producing at least 40 Ford-branded models rated at less than 20 mpg city by the EPA. Only eight 2007 Fords get more than 30 mpg on the highway. Though to Ford's credit, Parry-Jones says 66% of his company's future R&D budget is devoted to increasing fuel-economy and reducing emissions. We've reported in the past, however, that not all agree with Ford's green push.

[Source: Whatcar?]

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