A Trio of new Tridents from Maserati

There have been a lot of spy shots surfacing recently of two-door Maserati test mules, and they haven't all been consistent, with some appearing as Quattroporte sedans with the rear doors missing and others looking like something entirely new. A possible (and we hope, true) answer to the puzzle: Maserati has got not one, not even two, but three new two-door models under development.

One model, the replacement for the current GT/Gran Sport coupe, is baded on the Quattroporte sedan, taking a 2+2 form. Styling is expected to draw heavily on its four-door counterpart's, but with a more aggressive front end.

A new Spyder convertible model, targeting the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class will likely share many aspects with the above-mentioned coupe. It's expected to ditch the rear seats to make room for the folding roof, which likely won't be a retractable metal hardtop but a conventional cloth roof.

The surprise comes in the form of a proper four-seater convertible, complete with retratable hard-top. Judging from the heavy disguising of test mules caught so far, it will probably come after the GT and Spyder models, but we bet it'll be worth the wait.

Maserati has been bouncing around a lot in recent years, having been bought by Fiat in 2000, then coupled with Ferrari, then with Alfa Romeo before getting a new CEO just last month. But with three new models on the way and sales climbing, it seems the vaunted Trident marque may have finally found its sea-legs again.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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