Lex asks all drivers to Love Cars, go carbon neutral

The CarbonNeutral company is getting a lot of love from auto industry folks across the UK. Honda, Nissan, and the Guild of Motoring Writers have all recently partnered in some way with the carbon offset group (see related stories, below). Lex, the UK's largest vehicle leasing company, is now challenging the entire UK motor industry - drivers included - to get involved.

Lex's carbon neutral program, Love Cars, is basically the UK version of TerraPass, from the looks of it. The concept is simple. Drivers input the type of car they have and how far they drive in a year and then pay Love Cars a bit of money to invest in alternative energy sources that replace the CO2 coming out of the tailpipe with clean energy elsewhere. Love Cars also offers options for fleet managers to get all of a company's cars into the green. Lex doesn't say if the company has paid the fees for its own fleet of 178,000 cars and vans.

[Source: Lex]

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