UK's Guild of Motoring Writers can make their members' jobs carbon negative

The Guild of Motoring Writers and Climate Care have teamed up to make covering the world of automobiles carbon negative. Climate Care has a variety of carbon offset programs available (Climate Care also teamed up with Land Rover to make the production and use of Land Rover vehicles carbon neutral in the UK), and this plan does most of those one better.

The first step is for British motoring journalists to sign up for the plan, and then give Climate Care details on how far they drive in a year, what type of fuel they use and the mpg rating of the car. Climate Care, like TerraPass in America, then puts a cost on the CO2 output of an average year's driving. The journalist pays Climate Care the fee; Climate Care uses the money to offset carbon emissions in other places. The Guild's plan is better than carbon neutral because the Guild chips in an added 10 percent of the journalist's fee, making the entire process actually carbon negative. The Guild will even pay the added fee for journalists who are not members.


[Source: Guild of Motoring Vehicles]

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