Honda's "While-U-Wait" carbon offset program

It sounds like something your dry cleaner offers, but Honda's new "While-U-Wait" emissions offset promise isn't going to press your shirts. Instead, "While-U-Wait" is designed for Honda customers in the United Kingdom that are waiting to take delivery of a more fuel efficient Civic Hybrid. Since one reason many people want to buy these cars is their lowered emissions, Honda has partnered with The CarbonNeutral Company to offset CO2 emissions in customers current cars while Honda makes more Civic Hybrids. The hybrids launched in the UK in April and Honda says "extraordinary demand" (i.e., a waiting list) prompted the carbon-offset program, which started in July.
CarbonNeutral will invest in two green programs. The first, in a Snowdonia National Park forestry project that plants native woodland to absorb the carbon dioxide. The second is a wind power generation project.

[Source: Newspress UK]

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