Update on the Hybrid Extreme???

AFS Trinity, which is working on technology to make 250mpg cars available for people without $100,000 to drop on a Tesla Roadster, keeps filing patents for its Hybrid Extreme™ system. The latest was in mid-September, and AFS Trinity says that the company's goal is to develop a more plug-in hybrid system, an extreme hybrid if you will, that increases mileage through grid power and cheaper lithium-ion batteries. This will help buyers recoup their price premium as quickly as possible. AFS Trinity Power Corporation CEO Edward Furia said Extreme Hybrid vehicles should pay for themselves in five years or less, depending. The number is based on gas that costs $2.85 a gallon and off-peak electricity priced at 6¢ per kWh.

I think Furia needs to check out the competition before the company files too many more patents. Some experts believe some of the current crop of non-extreme™ hybrids pay for themselves after two to three years (others, yes, take five or six). Actually, scratch that. Keep working on plug-ins, guys. 250mpg is better that 55mpg any day.

[Source: Khaleej Times/AFS Trinity]

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