Full, assist, or mild? Extreme!

TheCarConnection reports AFS Trinity Power Corporation today filed a patent for what they call an Extreme Hybrid™ car with an expected fuel economy of 250 mpg. The car will be a plug-in hybrid utilizing ultra-capacitors, run on gasoline or ethanol, and will have competitive performance. The car is expected to have sufficient battery capacity to run solely of the electric motor for the average American's commute of approximately 40 miles. For longer trips, the Extreme Hybrid™ will work as a conventional hybrid vehicle. The average American will only have to fill up their gas tank once every 10 weeks, but plugging in will be required on a daily basis. The car will have the ability to provide power back to the electrical network. The car is expected to be in the hands of fleet owners within two years, if sufficient funding is secured to develop the prototypes.
While I applaud the effort, one thing I would like to see with all the plug-in hybrids is an honest mpg figure. It should be standard practice for every manufacturer of plug-in hybrids to account for the amount of electricity taken from the grid by calculating a fuel equivalent energy consumption. From a bigger picture perspective, where is all the electricity going to come from to power our cars?

[Source: TheCarConnection]

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