Introducing Mr. October: GM's monthly offerings

Never thought we'd see the day when Bob Lutz was dubbed "Mr. October," but our eyes do not deceive us. General Motors has available for download a pinup calendar of sorts over at Flickr featuring the product boss with a GM Sequel for the month of October. In addition to the photo, the calendar features important dates from GM's past, present and future.

The calendar's entries evoke both sweet and bitter memories, depending upon your sensibilities. For example, on October 1, 1908, Buick became part of the GM family. On October 5, 1998, the calendar reminds us that current chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner was elevated to president of the company. It also provides a heads up for future events of notice, including the opening of the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney on October 26.

Future months have yet to be uploaded, but it is an interesting way of getting folks over to the GM Fastlane Blog photostream at Flickr, where photos of loving fans of GM vehicles abound.

[Source: Flickr via the GM Fastlane Blog]

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