If nuclear power's gonna power cars, then the public seems to be OK with that

OK, we have to keep a healthy skepticism about this opinion poll, as it was conducted for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). But, given the findings and the way that nuclear energy will effect the future of the automobile in America, it's important to look at what the NEI found: 68 percent of Americans support building a new reactor at the existing nuclear power plant closest to where they live. This is slightly different than the "Nearly 7 of 10 Americans Favor Nuclear Energy" the NEI used as the headline of its press release, but it does show that Americans are not afraid of nuclear power.

Nuclear power will obviously play a role in powering electric vehicles and may also someday be a source of hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. Today, about 20 percent of U.S. homes and businesses use nuclear-generated electricity, and new plants are in the works. Thirty new reactors could come online in the next few decades, according to the NEI.

[Source: Nuclear Energy Institute]

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