Spy Shot: 2008 Ford Five-Hundred

The Ford Five Hundred is getting a 2008 makeover en route to its 2012 replacement. As we reported earlier, the facelifted full-size sedan will adopt Ford's new three-bar chrome family grille, as well as a revised cabin. Looks like there'll also be a butt-lift for the rear end, which is also masked by a cover in this spy pic. Still, this is our best view yet of how the three-bar grille will work on the Five-Hundred, and we're curious to hear your thoughts. Perhaps we've become accustomed to the Five-Hundred's humble visage, but to our eyes it seems obvious the car wasn't designed with such a grille in mind.

The biggest news for Ford's big family-hauler, however, is the jump from its barely-adequate 3.0-liter V6 to the more substantial 3.5-liter unit that's being launched first in the Ford Edge, Lincoln MKZ and MKX. The Detroit News says Ford has decided against offering a V8 in the Five-Hundred, but quite frankly we never thought it would. The 3.5-liter V6 with around 265 horsepower is exactly the powerplant this car needed from the get-go.

[Source: Autos Insider]

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