Pictures of the new Volkswagen Caddy Tramper Eco Fuel

German Car Blog found, and was kind enough to forward to AutoblogGreen, a write-up and a photo gallery of the new Volkswagen Caddy Tramper Eco Fuel. This updated Vanagon-like van has a large bed in the back (and optional features like a fold-out table) and comes in petrol, diesel and bifuel versions. The bifuel engine can handle petrol and natural gas. The two-liter four-cylinder Bifuel engine has a range of approximately 400 kilometers and includes a 13-liter gasoline reservoir for cold-weather starts. The engine switches between fuel sources automatically when needed.

Volkswagen promises that even though the natural gas version costs 2,000 Euros more than the petrol, fuel costs will be halved thanks to lower prices for natural gas (as well as lowered emissions). The Caddy Tramper Eco Fuel is obviously no racehorse (0-100 km/h takes 13.8 seconds), but the 109 HP, 160 torque vehicle has a maximum speed of 169 km/h and uses 6 kg L/100 km when run on natural gas. If you'd like to see the pictures, you can check out the original German site, the Google-translated page or the German Car Blog post.

[Source: German Car Blog, Hat Tip to Christian]

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