On Point crawls into tiny cars, and some are stackable

On yesterday's On Point, the NPR radio show, the topic was small. Tiny, actually. Tiny cars. These vehicles - cars like the SMART, the Renault Twingo, or the Ford Ka - are gaining interest here as gas prices rise. On Point featured five voices of those in the know, including Rick Woodbury, the inventor of the Tango, an ultra-slim electric commuter car and Ryan Chin, MIT Media Lab's Smart Cities Project, who contributed to the design of the stackable concept car (pictured). While the quotes NPR has up on their website seem to make the guests pro-small car, AutoblogGreen reader Mark Sumner say he heard it differently. "As so often seems to happen, callers were enthusiastic about the vehicles and asking when they could get them, while industry 'insiders' in the studio kept saying they wouldn't sell in the US," he wrote us. I haven't taken the time to listen to the show (but anyone can do so here), so I can't say how the panel leaned, but c'mon, a stackable car? How can you be against that?

[Source: NPR, thanks to Mark Sumner]

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