All our energy problems solved courtesy of Silicon Valley?

Have we been looking in all the wrong places for a solution to our energy crisis? Writer Stan Beer writes a short history of Tesla Motors and the Tesla Roadster (which should be familiar to readers of this site), and sees the benefit the Silicon Valley crowd can give to all of us who drive. Even though the energy industry has been looking for new energy sources using scientific methods for decades, it's Silicon Valley engineers who might be leading the way to a greener future, he says. "Forget gasoline-electric hybrids, forget biofuels, forget experimental hydrogen fuel cells, they say. Just look no further than mobile phones and notebook computers for your answer," is how Beer puts it, and as a bonus to AutoblogGreen, Beer sources some of his information to the Q & A session we did with Tesla Motors chairman Elon Musk back in July.

[Source: IT Wire]

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