Honda's next big moves: new hybrid and third-gen fuel cell

Two big announcements from Honda recently concerning what the company has in store for the future. As we noted yesterday, the company says ethanol is not efficient, and doesn't see the biofuel as part of its future strategy. So, what is? A new hybrid in, maybe, 2009, and third-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The hybrid, hinted at at the company's 2007 lineup introduction, will be a "high-volume seller with a price and body-size below the current Civic Hybrid", according to Kicking Tires. KT figures this hybrid may get better miles per gallon than the Civic Hybrid. As for the shape, Honda said it will have a "unique body style", so we'll just have to guess and wait.

As for the third-generation fuel cell vehicle, it will be unveiled in Los Angeles at the LA Auto Show in December. The 3rd gen powertrain will be put into the still-in-development FCX, Honda told Edmund's Inside Line. The FCX is a five-passenger luxury sedan unveiled last year. This powertrain won't be the mass-market version, but it's a step closer, the company told IL. Honda had said they plan on producing the FCX for the market in about three to four years.

[Source: Edmunds and Kicking Tires]

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