Porsche Cayenne facelift caught sans camo

Car & Driver has the latest, greatest spy photos of the facelifted Porsche Cayenne that won't be seen in these here parts until MY 2008. The new nose is crisp and organized -- a clear improvement over the current car, but that's really not saying much. To this day, it's difficult to fathom how such a boring design got approved to wear the Porsche badge. The best-looking Cayennes require copious aftermarket attention to get the looks somewhat in order.
The new headlights are a shape exclusive to the SUV, and the trio of intakes has been reshaped and tightened up, with the turn signals taking up residence in the side openings on. Round foglights are integrated in the fascia's lower portion. Around back, the revised rear isn't exactly going to set hearts aflutter. The taillights get a very mild reshaping, with the most noticeable change being the rounding of the lower inside corners of each one. A new rear bumper with cutouts for the exhausts is fitted as well, but sadly, there's not much visual interest there.

In summary, the changes are welcome --especially the new face-- but we're afraid they're not nearly enough to give the Cayenne the sort of curb appeal we see in the Audi Q7 or even the VW Touareg. How Porsche's SUV came to be the bronze medalist in that particular three-way fashion show is beyond us. While we do look forward to seeing the revised Cayenne when it hits the upcoming show circuit, we're really looking forward to 2010, when it seems Porsche is going to make the Cayenne lower, sportier and a lot less trucklike. You know, like a Porsche is supposed to be.

C&D has more shots, including super-clear views of the rear.

[Source: Car & Driver via German Car Blog]

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