R.I.P.: Lincoln V8

Amidst a series of recent shake-ups in Ford's production, a new casualty has fallen prey to the "way forward." The Yamaha derived 4.8-liter V8, currently found in the Volvo XC90, sought a new home within the Lincoln MKS in 2008. That possibility has been squashed, mainly due to the low volume of vehicles that would suit the engine.

In doing so, Ford is putting all their power-producing eggs into one, 3.5-liter V6 engine. This stalwart of Ford's product line is currently available in everything from the Lincoln MKZ to the Ford 500, although the power output will be increased slightly for the MKS, due to it's competitors V8-advantage.

Although this lack of engine choice may prove to be a sticking point with consumers, the possibility of not offering a V8 may be in Ford's best interest if fuel economy concerns continue to mount.

[Source: Automotive News]

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