Spy Shots: Porsche 997 GT2

Up until now, a variety of sources have said this car doesn't exist. However, World Car Fans have procured a half-dozen shots of the 997 GT2 in action and after looking at the photos and reading the specs, we can't imagine a reason not to bring this newest 911 to market.
Changes, much like all of Stuttgart's models, are subtle and evolutionary. Exterior modifications draw a parallel from the GT2's stable mate, the Turbo, with the addition of a larger wing and the deletion of the fog lamps. In keeping with the tradition of past GT2's, expect a rigid diet to drop the weight down a few hundred pounds.

The 3.6-liter turbo will allow engine output to crest the 500 hp mark (most reports are between 520 and 540 hp), contributing to a top speed that will enable the new GT2 to do the double-century, a milestone for factory-produced 911s.

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