Gas-water hybrid for real this time?

Seems like every so often we hear another story about a water-gasoline hybrid vehicle. This time, the Malaysian company LMG has announced a vehicle called the Tourer with Hydroxene technology. This Hydroxene technology is not explicitly explained on Paul Tan's blog, who sent us the tip on this story, and I can't find more information on the company or the technology on other sites. Nonetheless, Tan says that researchers at the Universiti Sains Malaysia use an onboard system involving waste aluminum and sodium hydroxide that separates water into its components - hydrogen and oxygen. This type of amazing technology gets a skeptical eye whenever it's announced (see the comments on Tan's site or the comments on this AutoblogGreen post back in May). I don't know what to think about LMG's Tourer quite yet, but it still seems like a pipe dream?

[Source:, tip submitted by Paul Tan]

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