Water-powered car featured in local TV news report

The hydrogen economy is closer than we think. At least, that's the image portrayed by this TV news report from FOX 26 (as far as I can tell, the report aired last year, and I'm not sure which city this FOX 26 is in. For our purposes, these details don't really matter). 
The report focuses on Denny Klein, president of Hydrogen Technology Applications, and his water-powered car. There is some impressive imagery at work in the piece. Seeing someone pour water into an engine and getting energy out of it is pretty amazing. And slicing through metal with a water-based flame? Cool.
The actual technology is not as new or revolutionary as the reporter or the anchors make it out to be, but it is interesting to see how this technology – The Auto Channel says it's essentially Brown's Gas – is explained to the TV viewer. Wikipedia says, and I agree, to treat claims of running a car on this electrolyzed water with skepticism. Cool video, though. Very cool.

[Source: FOX 26 via The Auto Channel]

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