New Cadillac ad campaign goes live

UPDATE: Our man Matt sent us over this link to the media site for Caddy's new ad campaign "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit" which has the two ads, plus a making of. Enjoy and thanks Matt!

Modernista has officially taken the reigns of Cadillac's advertising campaign and the fruits of their labor have been beamed around the U.S. this past evening during an episode of 'Hell's Kitchen" and on several ABC stations.

See 'em? If not, fret no more (although it's doubtful that you have in the first place). The new ads, which should find their way onto YouTube or Google Video anytime now, are entitled "Heart" and "Crest."

"Heart" begins with a tastefully subdued techo-instrumental where a soothing voice proclaims, "The engine is connected to the tool, the tool is connected to the hand, the hand is connected to the body, the body is connected to the mind, the mind is connected to the heart." Deep, no?

The second ad, which we haven't seen (sorry no Grey's Anatomy or Without a Trace viewers were available to give the blow-by-blow) focuses on a detailed production of the trademark crest that has graced Cadillac hoods for decades.

When they hit the 'net, we want to know. Tipage can be sent here.

[Source: Automotive News]

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