Harlequin Rabbit spotted in the wild and shot

We admit it, VW has engaged our attention with its recent ad campaign for the Rabbit that centers on the furry creature's penchant for procreation. The ad on the back cover of Playboy is great, but the commercial that kicked it off is destined to be a ad classic. Perhaps the coolest thing about that commercial is the reappearance of the Harlequin model that hasn't been around since 1996. Produced by swapping the body panels on three already built, different colored cars, Harlequins are immediately eye catching and, depending on the viewer, outrageously ugly or totally original.

VW recently brought a Harlequin out from hiding at this year's Waterfest event, which is perhaps the largest gathering of VW/Audi enthusiasts in North America. This is the first time the automaker has attended and given some factory support to the event, and in addition to trailering the Harlequin to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, the company brought swag for the entire gang of attendees.

Our previous post on the Harlequin contained shots of the original and only blurry screen caps of the new white, silver and black ones, so we thought we'd show you these live shots and get your reaction. We think the monochromatic Harlequin is much easier on the eyes than the original version that looked a lot like a clown car. Is it production worthy? Probably not, but if at least three Rabbit owners really want a Harlequin that bad, they can just meet up at next year's Waterfest and swap sheetmetal.

(More pics of the Harlequin after the jump)

[Source: Flickr via Whalesalad]

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