Get a HUMMER in your Happy Meal

Why is Ronald smiling? Because he has the new HUMMER Happy Meal toys before everyone else.

Starting tomorrow, one of eight toy HUMMERS will be packed in each "boy" Happy Meal ("girl" meals will feature Polly Pocket, so don't fret if you've got a daughter, moms and dads). The full HUMMER lineup is represented, from the now-defunct H1 to the H3T Concept pickup. There's even an alternative-fuel H2H, whose hydrogen tank glows green when the car is pushed. It also comes with "Hydrogen" decals that can be applied to the bodywork to ensure maximum political correctness.

Admittedly, the level of detail on the toys is pretty good for a meal throw-in. We might just have to take a ride over to Mickey D's ourselves...

(More Ronald, toy shots, and a press release after the jump)

[Source: GM, McDonalds]

Ronald H1 H1 SUV H2 SUT H2 SUV H2H H3 SUV H3T H3X


World's Largest Auto Maker and World's Largest Restaurant Chain Team Up for a "HUMMER ® of a Summer"

McDonald's® Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals to Feature HUMMER - August 4 through August 31, 2006

DETROIT – It's time to rev up the fun as HUMMER rolls into McDonald's for a pint-sized promotion. Beginning August 4 – August 31, 2006, young guests will receive one of eight powerful, fun-fueled miniature HUMMER vehicles, with the purchase of a Happy Meal ® or Mighty Kids Meal ®, at participating McDonald's restaurants, while supplies last.

Always ready for adventure, HUMMER's iconic vehicle design and unparalleled off-road capabilities spark the imagination of children nationwide. McDonald's Happy Meal and Mighty Kids Meal HUMMER line-up features eight dynamic vehicles, capturing the power, excitement and unique styling that make HUMMER one of the most recognizable vehicles on (and off) the road.

The Metallic Sand H1 is a free wheeling vehicle with a retractable winch – pull out the winch to watch it retract. Rev the Red Flame H1 SUV or the Black H3T forward to send them powering ahead, or pull back the Midnight Blue H3 X to watch it steer forward slowly and then pick up speed. The Desert Orange H3 SUV and Slate Blue Metallic H2 SUT feature wind up spare tires and are ready to off-road with a special switch to guide them forward, left or right. The Yellow H2 SUV charges forward when pulled back, and the Laser Blue H2H offers a truly enlightening ride – push the vehicle along to see the hydrogen tank flash green. For added fun, guests can customize their H2H with custom-applied "Hydrogen" stickers. This dynamic collection captures the power, excitement and unique styling that make HUMMER one of the most recognizable vehicles on (and off) the road.

McDonald's guests have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of food choices with their Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals including Apple Dippers (fresh, peeled apple slices) served with low-fat caramel dipping sauce, and beverage choices including 100% pure Minute Maid apple juice and low-fat white and chocolate Milk Jugs, served in easy to handle containers.

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HUMMER is a division of General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, which employs about 327,000 people globally. The HUMMER product line-up consists of the H2, H2 SUT, H3 and the H3 X. There are 173 HUMMER dealers nationwide.

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