Ford Expedition EL and Lincoln Navigator go on camera at MT

Motor Trend recently posted a short video review of the new Ford Expedition EL and Lincoln Navigator that contained a few nuggets of new info about the Blue Oval's big utes. We're all well aware that with their 5.4-liter V8 that produces 300 horsepower and 365 ft-lbs. of torque, the Expedition and Navigator are underpowered compared to their GM competitors. MT reports that the powerdome hood on both models will likely be sheltering a diesel and perhaps a hybrid powertrain in the near future. That hood also leaves room for a much larger V8 to fit between the front wheels, so don't expect Ford to be down on grunt for long.
Ford's decision to use an independent rear suspension may also pay off for the Expedition and Navigator, as third-row seating is said to be the most comfortable in class with generous head and leg room. Those back benches also have a convenient power fold-flat feature that their competition lacks.

We'll finally get to see an Expedition EL square off with a Chevy Suburban in the November issue of MT. We're betting the battle will be close, but we'll put our money on the Suburban over the Expedition for its greater power and, we can't believe we're saying this, better style. Any takers?

[Source: Motor Trend]

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