USA Today's Camry review: decent, if you're willing to pay

We've recently pointed to two reviews of the new Toyota Camry Hybrid, one fairly positive and the other fairly negative. Now, USA Today's test driver James Healey comes down a little bit on both side of the equation. He likes the Camry's rated fuel economy of 39-mpg (even though he only got 32.7 while testing the car and was not driving conservatively) and the feel of the roomy interior. He doesn't like extra cost or noise of the electric motor. Also, the shudder of the gasoline engine "seemed more pronounced than you get starting the engine in a conventional gasoline car", he wrote. So, the consensus seems to be that the Camry a good choice for people who need a room sedan with decent gas mileage, but we've got a ways to go until we get the holy grail of hybrid vehicles.

[Source: USA Today via EV World]

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