Toyota Camry Hybrid review: not so hot

With the Toyota Camry Hybrid's lineage (Toyota hybrid technology, Camry styling), it seems like it could be an ideal car for a lot of people. But it's not for one reviewer over at epinions. Mkaresh has written over 400 reviews for epinions (of cars and tires and related items) and so knows his stuff. He certainly knows he doesn't like the Camry hybrid. He found it lacking compared to the Lexus ES 350 he drove the same day, and lacking overall in punch and looks. The shift from the electric to gasoline systems was too noticeable for him, and the handling was weak. Reliability comparisons from multiple Camry Hybrid drivers will be collected on Mkaresh's TrueDelta site, but for now the word is look elsewhere for an enjoyable hybrid experience.


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