Another take on the Toyota Camry Hybrid

AutoblogGreen reader Jason Coyne suggested we take a look at his review of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, which he just picked up from the dealer last weekend. A lot of his review focuses on aspects of the Camry unrelated to the hybrid guts – like the keyless fob and the DVD navigation system – but he does include a section on the power train. His initial impression is that the hybrid system works well, even for an aggressive driver like himself, but he does feel a little lack of power above 40 mph. The engine's somewhat noisy then, and he feels the push. He has been getting about 38 miles per gallon, which matches the EPA's estimate, and thinks that less aggressive driver will get more. 

Coyne's review is well written and detailed (and he uses the word scuttlebutt, which I like). Hop on over if you're interested in learning more about the Camry Hybrid or just want to see the word scuttlebutt in context.

[Source: Geeks With Blogs, Jason Coyne]

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