NICE intros new MEGA City electric car in London

The NICE (No Internal Combustion Engine) car company unveiled the MEGA City electric car this week at the British Motor Show.

In the wake of the unveiling of the spectacular Tesla Roadster sports car, the MEGA City seems completely boring by comparison. Beyond the 2-seat passenger configuration, the Tesla and the NICE couldn't be more different. With its 4kW maximum output, 40 mph top speed, and 38 to 50 mile range on a full charge, no one is ever going to accuse the MEGA City of setting any performance benchmarks.

Then again, the NICE isn't about all that. It is a pure city car designed to be used on the streets of London, where its exempt from the congestion and road taxes, pulls a low insurance premium, and qualifies its driver for free or cut-rate parking. Oh, and it also won't break the bank with its £9,995 starting price. NICE even has an agreement worked out with self-service car rental agency Streetcar that will let drivers rent a VW at reduced prices if they need to go somewhere outside of the EV's range.

The NICE MEGA City is a robust-looking little package that's available in 5 colors and is reasonably well-equipped right out of the showroom. Beyond that, the list of available options is highlighted by a satellite navigation system that has London's free Park-and-Charge recharging points pre-programmed into it. Nice touch. Drivers will be able to download updates via the NICE website.

For London's urbanites, the NICE MEGA City offers a stylish, zero-emissions automotive solution that's affordable at the same time.

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The NICE Car Company reveals the MEGA CITY
The new electric city car for London.
Access to virtually free motoring from just £9,995

Today the NICE Car Company (NICE stands for No Internal Combustion Engine) reveals the MEGA CITY, a new electric city car for the streets of London. With a range of 40-50 miles and a top speed of 40+ mph the car has been designed for city use where it offers a personal transport solution with many advantages, including exemption from congestion charge, exemption from road tax, low insurance and free or discounted parking in many London locations. And no more visits to the petrol station! Access to virtually free motoring from just £9,995.

Developed and built by AIXAM-MEGA Group in France, the European market leader in the sector of advanced ultra lightweight cars, the MEGA CITY combines value, quality and reliability with up-to-date European styling.

Easy to drive and easy to own. Fully automatic and designed for use on London's streets, the compact MEGA CITY offers fast acceleration and easy maneuverability and comes with a host of practical options like a customised sat-nav system to direct owners to London's free charging points. The electric drive system requires no owner maintenance, with routine service delivered to the customers at home or work within London.

London needs environmentally-friendly cars: on average 42% of London journeys are made by car – that's well over 11 million car journeys a day. These cause congestion, noise and pollution, with London having some of the worst air quality in Europe. With an average journey length of just 4.3 miles and typical average speeds of 12 mph, London trips can be covered easily by the friendly, zero-emission MEGA CITY from NICE.

For the occasional longer trip, the NICE Car Company has joined up with Streetcar, the UK's largest car club, to give NICE Car owners special concessions on convenient pay-as-you-go access to a new Volkswagen Golf at one of over 90 convenient locations in London.

The MEGA CITY has zero emissions. That means no urban pollution. Even including power-station generation, battery-powered vehicles are more CO2 efficient than any other available technology, as confirmed by authoritative 'well-to-wheel' studies. And the NICE Car Company have teamed up with Ecotricity, the UK's leading renewable energy provider, to offer its owners electricity generated exclusively from wind turbines. The MEGA City can literally be powered by the wind! With the carbon dioxide produced in the manufacturing process offset in London by planting trees with Trees for Cities, NICE drivers couldn't be nicer to our city.

The MEGA City. The car that makes so much sense. On sale from October 2006 from £9,995 - from the NICE Car Company.

Be a NICE driver. Guarantee one of the first cars by reserving a build slot at the NICE Car Company stand N41. The MEGA City from the NICE Car Company, the desirable and fun alternative for travel in London... a NICE Car for a great City.

The NICE Car Company. Telephone 0845 NICE CAR (0845 6423 227) or visit

MEGA City - Data sheet

Performance and Weight

Maximum speed 40 mph
PTAC endorsed range on flat roads, constant speeds 50 miles
PTAC endorsed range on mixed roads 38 miles
Electric consumption 185 Wh/mi
Charge costs < 1.5p/mi
Maximum gradient more than 20%

Turning radius 4 m
Number of seats 2
Luggage compartment volume 800 litres

Unladen, with batteries 645 kg
Total authorised laden weight 850 kg

Technical Data

Type Electric Direct Current
Maximum continuous power 4 kW
Cooling Air turbine
Transmission Automatic
Reducer ratio 8.4
Type of drive Front wheel drive
Tyres 145/70R13

Dashboard and lights From auxiliary 12V battery

Heating power 750 W
Defrosting power 1500 W

Braking and suspension
Type of braking Hydraulic, dual circuit
Front disc diameter 40 mm
Rear drum diameter 60 mm
Suspension, front Independent McPherson
Rear Trailing arm with hydraulic shock absorber and coil spring

Construction Acrylic ABS on aluminium structure
Materials Corrosion proof and 100% recyclable
Type AGM lead batteries
Make Exide Champion
Maintenance No user maintenance required
Single unit weight 29.5 kg
Single capacity at C/3 85 Ah
No. of batteries in pack 8
Pack voltage 48 V
Pack capacity at C/3 170V
Power on-board 8.2 kWh
Battery management High performance management system with intelligent charging and stored charge history

Onboard battery charger
Domestic electric supply Standard 240V 16A supply
Charging power 1500 W
Re-charge time 8 hours from empty
Battery warranty 2 years or 59,500 Ah charged
Battery recycling Provided by supplier
Battery self-discharge -3% reduced range in a week (if left unplugged)

Base Equipment

Dashboard instruments
• Central console and silver dashboard with back lit needle and adjustable lighting display
• Electronic maintenance indicator
• 2 Digital multi-function displays
• Exterior temperature gauge with black ice alert (< 3°C)
• Digital clock
• Dashboard 12V plug-in for accessories
• Indicators: High consumption, Charge reserve, Accessories charge, Brake pad wear, Mains connected, Neutral

Driving and security
• Anti-theft with security
• Central remote locking with indicator flash alert
• Automatic illuminating hazard lights in sudden deceleration
• Reversing light and rear fog light
• 3-point inertia seat belts and headrests
• Drivers seat with adjustable backrest
• Door mirrors, left and right, adjustable from the inside
• Sun visors with vanity mirror on passenger side
• Laminated windscreen
• Electric heater and defroster
• Neutral inhibit switch

Comfort and finish
• Luxe carpet throughout
• Front floor mats
• Lights on alarm buzzer
• Interior lighting timer
• CD/Radio with removable security face
• Electric windows with drivers side pulse-modulated descent
• Easy door closing through automatic window operation
• Tinted windows
• Rear window demister and wiper
• Load restraint


• CD/Radio upgrade with iPod/MP3 connection and integrated Bluetooth preparation
• Satellite Navigation unit. Pre-programmed Park-and-Charge information (kept up to date via the NICE website) and with MP3 player and integrated Bluetooth preparation
• Front fog lights
• Alloy wheels (13")
• Multicolour body kit with 14" Alloy wheels. Front and rear bumper modifications, wheel arches and roof in contrast colour, front fog lights
• Storage pack: cup-holders, central console, door nets and storage tray
• Zero CO2 ownership: Offset of any CO2 produced in the manufacturing process and switch your electricity to pure renewable sources


MEGA City, 2-seater, standard equipment, including batteries £9,995.- inc VAT

Prices of service and options to be announced

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