GM upgrades OnStar with eye towards fuel economy

General Motors began its OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics service last September and has enrolled 1.6 million subscribers in the no-extra-charge service that emails pertinent vehicle information gathered from onboard sensors to the vehicle's owner. GM has announced that it's upgrading the service to include additional info in these emails aimed at educating the owner to improve his or her vehicle's fuel economy.
For select vehicles that have a tire-pressure monitoring system, the email will now include the vehicle's current tire pressure as well as the manufacturer's recommended tire pressure. According to the EPA, proper tire pressure can increase fuel economy by about three percent. The email will also include a pass/fail emissions grade that will alert an owner to a problem with the engine, a prediction of when the vehicle's next oil change will be needed based on current driving patterns, and finally an indication on whether or not a particular vehicle is E85 compatible.

OnStar users can opt in by hitting the little blue button in their car or by visiting OnStar's website, though only 2004 model-year vehicles or newer with GM's Oil-System are able to participate.

[Source: GM]

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