SMART EV going carbon neutral, getting corporate partners

The SMART EV, which is about to be launched in the UK, can now be a carbon neutral car. DaimlerChrysler UK announced yesterday that it is working on a plan where all carbon dioxide emitted as a SMART EV is made and delivered will be "measured, reduced where possible and the remaining unavoidable emissions offset through a mixture of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry projects which will save and absorb 1 tonne of CO2 for every tonne the SMART EV produces."
DaimlerChrysler UK also announced corporate partnerships to promote use of the SMART EV. Cenex, a UK low carbon and fuel cell technologies initiative, Knight Frank a founding client for the SMART EV project, Lloydspharmacy, another founding client, Refurb-A-Sash, sash window specialists, CityCarClub, a rideshare program, and local authorities have all stepped up to be some of the first to use SMART EVs in their organizations.

[Source: Smart UK]

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